Back?! Back! Back! There have been a few one-off releases, collaborations, and re-releases in the last few years, but now heralds the full-time comeback of Swedish artist Eagle-Eye Cherry. And it all starts with brand new single ‘Streets Of You’.
What’s it like? It’s already sounding like a summer-ready radio staple. We’re also getting Swedish house minus the house. And by that we mean, the melody and indeed the vocal, would not have sounded out of place on any recent singles from the likes of Axwell /\ Ingrosso, Vargas & Lagola, and rest his soul, Avicii.
Written by? Eagle-Eye himself, along with Ollie Olson, David Lindgren Zacharias, and Anders Pettersson.
More from Eagle-Eye? A whole new album to follow this autumn! Until then though, he’s just released the music vid for the single. AND given it the big-scale performance it deserves, at this weekend’s Sommarkrysset. Watch both below.

You can find ‘Streets Of You’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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