What’s this? The music video for the new single from Felix Sandman. It’s called ‘Part Of Me’ and it accompanies his debut album ‘Emotions’.
A whole actual album?!
Rare for a Scandi artist, we know. But 19-year-old Swedish singer and songwriter Felix Sandman is already out with his first album, after launching with his debut single ‘Every Single Day’ back in February. This is ‘Emotions’.
What’s the best song on it?Everything Is Great‘ is the album’s big highlight for us. The most anthemic thing on there, and exceedingly well written and produced.
Other highlights? We’re also loving the excellent r&b leanings of ‘0 Emotions’ and ‘Tone It Down’. And obviously the two singles ‘Imprint’ and ‘Every Single Day’ are still jams. The latter of which now has a slightly extended lead-in intro, in the wake of not having to adhere to Melodifestivalen rules, which is appreciated.
And there is a new single? There is, and he’s gone for an r&b flavoured ballad. ‘Part Of Me‘ is the album’s third single, and another great track from him. As the opening number, it sets the tone for the record ahead of it. And by the end of it, you’re left feeling that what Felix Sandman needs most of all, is a jolly great big hug. Check out the music vid for ‘Part Of Me’ under the album, below.

You can find ‘Everything Is Great’ (along with ‘Imprint’) on our Best New Pop playlist.

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