What’s this? Icelandic techno menacers Hatari have teamed up with queer Palestinian artist Bashar Murad to release a new single and video – ‘KLEFI/SAMED’.
But weren’t they just in…? That’s right! And while the other 40 artists spent another day doing yet more banal interviews, Hatari hot-footed it into Palestine to shoot this video.
And what do the lyrics all mean? You can select English subtitles on the YouTube vid, which is a nice touch, but essentially it’s an anthem about freedom. ‘Klefi’ means prison, and SAMED is an acronym of the Palestine Martyrs Works Society, the economic arm of the Palestine Liberation Organisation.
They did that. And as an aside, and to learn more about the whole thing, Team Hatari also used their time in Iceland to produce this short, ten-minute film speaking to people on both sides of the conflict. Together.
More from these two please. Well the band have flown Bashar over to Iceland to perform the new single together on Icelandic TV last night. And you can watch that performance right here;

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