The video! Back in February she premiered the single. And now Denmark’s Invader Girl has released the video for the sublime ‘Stuck On Me’.
What happens in it? Well a large part of it is just her face (not that we’re complaining about THAT). Then she starts to move around a bit, plays some music in front of a white bed sheet, hops on a motorbike to cross a bridge, then appears to have dismounted the bike so that she can have a dance around the bridge a bit. All in a purple haze. Look, the real reason we’re sharing the song again is because it’s incredibly good and should really be heard by as many people as possible.
Has the song been released yet? Yes. This week she has finally put it out on all digital platforms worldwide. So we can all Spotify the absolute shit out of it.
Has she done anything to mark the occasion? She’s recorded and uploaded to YouTube an acoustic version of ‘Stuck On Me’, which is also very good.


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