What’s this? Swedish artist Janice is BACK. With a veritable bang. And that bang comes in the form of our favourite kind of bang. A banging new big-budget music video for a banging track.
A banging track?! Tell me more! It’s the single, ‘Hearts Will Bleed’, released earlier in the summer. A super-cool composition with a chorus that POPS and a production that sounds like it’s arrived from some point in the future. Mercifully, they’ve decided the stretch-out the ‘era’ for ‘Hearts Will Bleed’, and this week they finally released the super-stylish music vid.
Written by? Janice herself, along with Elias Näslin (who also produced it) and Isabelle Sikai Gbotto.
More from Janice? She performed the song live on Swedish TV a while back, and you can watch that right here.

You can find ‘Hearts Will Bleed’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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