It’s a Norwegian love-in! The best kind. And everyone’s invited. To specate, at least.
Who have we got? Norway’s most reliable provider of the pop bangers, Julie Bergan, has teamed up with Norwegian producer trio Seeb, on new single and music video ‘Kiss Somebody’.
Who does it sound most like? Both! It’s veers firmly over to the dance track side, thanks to Seeb’s involvement, but maintains Julie Bergan’s trademark pop chorus repetition. Oh, and it clocks in at a mere 2:18 – another of Bergan’s favoured ways to deliver her music.
So it’s got all her bang and all their bang, then? It’s a whole lot of bang contained in those two minutes and eighteen seconds. But it’s a stretch of time we know we’re gonna be coming back to a lot.
More from Julie? Over the weekend, she gave the first live performance of the song at Norway’s Idrettsgallaen. Along with the music video, you can watch the performance below.

You can find ‘Kiss Somebody’ on our Best New Dance playlist.

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