What’s this? Swedish artist Keyra has this week released the music video for her explosive new single in the form of ‘Life Support’.
Explosive? How so? It basically sounds like a creative person hearing the loud noise of dangerously malfunctioning electronics and turning that into a pop song. Yes, THAT good.
Ok. And what does Keyra say? “It’s about that moment when you decide that you won’t take it anymore. You have to get rid of a person in your life that finally has shown their true colors. A person you thought was the ”real thing” but turned out to be fake.”
Written by? Written by the lady herself, along with Peter Hägerås.
More from Keyra? Back in 2017, she released her debut single ‘Karma‘. ‘Life Support’ is her first releases since then, and this time she’s doing it all through her own label.

You can find ‘Life Support’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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