NEW MUSIC?!!! Not quite, no. But a brand-new performance from our ever-enigmatic Swedish queen.
But a performance of new music, right? No. She performed a cover of Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’.
Why? Because it’s one of her favourite songs, we imagine!
No, like, why? Ah. ‘Twas the annual UNICEF charity gala on TV4. Loreen has supported the gala before, and this year she was one of the artists invited to perform.
And what was the performance like? Magical. Though, it only really gets going from around the 2:15 mark, admittedly. But once it does, wow.
And new music soon? We wish we could say we knew for sure it was on its way. We imagine it is! But we have no details whatsoever, sorry. Come back Loreen, we miss you!

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