What’s this? Over the weekend, Måns Zelmerlöw gave his first televised performance of ‘Heroes’ since going and winning Melodifestivalen with it last month.
Which Swedish TV show got the honour? None of ‘em. Instead, Måns hot footed it over to Finland to perform on The Voice, which is a pretty big deal. So when Sweden pick up 12 points from Finland at Eurovision next month, don’t blame it on neighbourly voting – remember that he actually made the effort to promote the song in their country.
Is he still favourite to go and win the whole thing? He is – right there at the top. Followed by Italy, Estonia, and Australia.
What else did Måns get up to at the weekend? He, along with many of the other acts competing in this year’s Eurovision, performed at the annual Eurovision concert in Amsterdam. And you can watch that performance below too.


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