A video? That was nice of them, but they could have just released that spectacular Melodifestivalen performance and we all would have been quite happy. True, but in all honesty – that’s essentially what they’ve done. It’s that performance taken to music video form. And it’s just as spectacular.
How is that Melodifestivalen thing going for him anyway? He’s in the final, which takes place tomorrow night!
And what are his chances? Pretty good actually. There are two clear faves, and two others bubbling right under and ready to cause an upset/surprise on the night. Mohombi’s one of those. And with his song having proven to be a real grower in the weeks since it’s been released, and with it having arguably the best lyrics of the whole 12 – he’s got a big hit on his hands, regardless of what happens tomorrow night.
Written by? Mohombi himself, along with Alexandru Cotoi, Thomas G’son and Linnea Deb.

You can find ‘Hello’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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