Molly Pettersson Hammar

Love this girl. She’s amazing. In fact at some point two weeks ago it suddenly dawned on us that Molly Pettersson Hammar is our favourite new Scandipopstar of 2015. Thanks to ‘I’ll Be Fine’, ‘I’ll Be Fine’ (acoustic version), and current single ‘Something Right’. Today she drops the video for ‘Something Right’.
What happens in it? It’s basically Molly dicking around Stockholm with her mates. During the second verse if you look closely you can see an amazing restaurant that specialises in a vegetarian buffet. We pretty much lived there while living in Stockholm for three years. We can’t remember the name, sorry.
Best bit? The five seconds from 3:22 where Molly gets down.
More from Molly? Why, yes! Below the video you can watch Molly perform ‘Something Right’ at Sommarkrysset, and then Lotta på Liseberg, and then Nyhetsmorgon.


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