What’s this? A whole host of Swedish artists and musicians (around 50 in total) have gotten together to record a song and video – ‘Vi Håller Ut’ – dedicated to Sweden’s fight against Covid-19. It is a cover of the Spanish classic ‘Resistiré’, by Dúo Dinámico, with Swedish text by Ingela ”Pling” Forsman.
What does ‘Vi Håller Ut’ mean? We wait it out, we see it through, we endure.
Who is taking part? Amongst the talent giving their time and vocals are Helene Sjöholm, Sarah Dawn Finer, Mariette, Jessica Andersson, Dolly Style, Therese Grankvist, Robin Bengtsson, Magnus Carlsson, Sean Banan, The Lovers Of Valdaro and Johan Becker. But you can find a full list of credits under the YouTube video (in Swedish).
And what’s it like? It’s really the best kind of song for something like this – an infectiously uplifting bop and a half!

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