During Melodifestivalen weekend, lots of fans from around the world, and especially Europe, travel to Stockholm to see the show. And as a result, there’s always lots of other things going on too, mainly involving performances and signings by Melodifestivalen artists. This year is no exception, and if you’re planning on travelling to Stockholm this week/weekend, here’s a list of what’s on offer;

Tonight, Eric Saade performs at Kista Galleria in Stockholm. The facebook page helpfully tells us that he’ll be there from 6pm until 9pm (?!?!?). Then later tonight, Timoteij are going to be performing at Golden Hits schlager bar.

Tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday during the day, there will be performances and signings at Hotorgcity shopping area in central Stockholm. Here is the line up for the three days;

Thursday 11/3

Kl 12.00 Nanne Grönvall
Kl 13.00 Getty Domain
Kl 13.30 Eric Saade
Kl 14.00 Ola
Kl 16.00 Linda Pritchard
Kl 16.30 Andreas Johnson
Kl 17.30 Timoteij

Friday 12/3
Kl 12.00 Lovestoned
Kl 15.00 Neo
Kl 16.00 Linda Pritchard
Kl 16.30 Nanne Grönvall
Kl 17.00 Frispråkarn
Kl 17.30 Brandur

Saturday 13/3
Kl 11.00 Ola
Kl 12.00 Lovestoned
Kl 13.00 Nanne Grönvall
Kl 14.00 Getty Domain
Kl 14.30 Alice
Kl 15.00 Linda Pritchard
Kl 15.30 Noll Disciplin
Kl 16.00 Neo

On Friday night, in Paradise nightclub, Jenny Silver will be performing. And on Saturday night, as well as the schlager room in Zipper nightclub, there is also this ”world’s biggest schlager afterparty” to go to. At Patricia nightclub on the Sunday, there is usually an artist performing on the night after the Melodifestivalen final, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Also, on top of all this, Globen shopping centre has said that they will also be hosting artist performances and signings, and have given this brief overview of events.

Fun fun fun!

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