Just when you thought Stockholm Pride was all done, dusted, and in the past, up pop another two Pride related musical treats that we didn’t even know existed. On You Tube, there’s now a 30 minute show having a look into the Pride parade, chatting to guests (including Eddie Razaz and Babsan – all in Swedish), and – our favourite – a couple of music performances from two acts that have been heavily featured on this website.

Danny Saucedo makes an appearance singing an acoustic version of ‘In The Club’. You know what you’re getting here – ace vocals, Danny looking fine, etc etc. It’s all present and correct. And then at the end we get our favourite Swedish girlband taking to the stage to sing a gorgeous acoustic version of ‘Dance Alone’ – Love Generation. Or at least three of the four of Love Generation anyway………

There’s something going on over at Love Generation HQ. We heard a couple of months ago that one of the girls had left. Mikaela, the red haired girl. We hoped it wasn’t true. Could they afford to lose another member? But sure enough, she’s been absent from (what we’ve seen of) the band’s duties over the last few weeks, including the below performance. Plus she’s not been updating the group blog over at Finest.se. We don’t think it’s quite as simple as that though, as the other girls aren’t acknowledging the fact that they’re a member down. Not a word of it has been uttered on their blog. And they’re seemingly trying to get a point across by continuously uploading pics and vids of them as a foursome. So perhaps it’s only temporary. Perhaps things are being worked out.

Mikaela setting up this Facebook page a couple of weeks ago can’t have helped though.

Whatever’s going on, we seriously hope it doesn’t get in the away of these girls going any further. Whether it be as a trio or as a quartet, Love Generation have the serious potential to be amazing and to go a very long way. And based on what we’ve heard so far, their debut album – whenever and in whatever form it arrives – is probably going to be stellar.

Danny’s ‘In The Club’ starts at the 7.35 mark, and Love Generation’s ‘Dance Alone’ (how apt!) starts at 29.55;

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