Norwegian pop peddler Winta, has come to our attention yet again thanks to another corker of a tune she’s put out.

You may recall last November we scribed a little bit about her single ‘Just For Tonight‘. Well now we’re giving her music some of our time and our words. It’s for another song of hers, ‘Heart On Fire’. It was actually released as a single before ‘Just For Tonight’, however, she recently held one of those standard remix competitions for it, and the winning track which was announced last week has turned out to be quite something.

Novel for a remix, in that it’s turned a club track into a ballad! Admirable balls there from the remixer in question, Anders Nilsson (of Sweden), and a risk that obviously paid off.

His version is an r&b pop ballad. The production is soft and intricate which we think lends itself more favourably to the sweet melody of the chorus. And the whole thing shows off the tune and Winta’s vocals much better. That’s not to say we want Winta to start going all slushy on us – oh no, we love our pop ladies to be as immersed on the dancefloor as possible. This exception however, just……works.

You can listen to the original here for comparative purposes, and check out the superior new remix below;

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