Ylvis: ‘The Fox’

Ylvis: ‘The Fox’

Well here’s something a little bit different.

Norwegian entertainer Ylvis has put together a very special promo for the return of his I Kveld TV show next week. It’s in the form of a pop song, ‘The Fox’. And it manages to be the right combination of WOW, LOL, and WTF all at the same time. It’s actually a catchy, well produced tune. One which you’ll love, despite not being able to take it seriously. Yes, very amusing.

It’s one of those moments when a comedy song and video actually transcends novelty and becomes genuinely amazing.

And that “WHAT THE FOX SAY” hook is genius. Well, the whole thing is. Bonkerz n’ Brill.

You need to watch the video while listening to it, to get the full effect of those lyrics.



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