Those of you who have been following our coverage of the Nordic nations’ Eurovision 2011 pre-selections will be well aware of a BIG favourite of ours this year. ‘Nótt’ by Yohanna was well fancied by just about everyone, to triumph in the Icelandic national final which took place at the weekend. It didn’t though, unfortunately.

Yohanna has quickly picked herself up though, and released the English language version of the song. We think it’s on iTunes everywhere actually, so you should be able to purchase it, if you so wish, wherever you are in the world. ‘Slow Down’ is no less beautiful than ‘Nótt’. Captivating in melody and spell-bounding in vocals. It’s just WOW from start to finish in our ears. Pop balladry done perfectly. And we can’t help but wonder how long it’ll take Iceland to regret not sending it to Eurovision…..

Regardless of what could have been, you can now enjoy it in full, English glory below!

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