Let’s say hello to a new singer from Norway, shall we? She’s a girl, she’s extraordinarily pretty, she’s chosen to go down the dance music route, AND her latest single is a corker. What’s not to love?!

Her name is Yolanda Selini and she’s from Oslo. And the single that we’ve been fawning over for a large part of this month is ‘Like A DJ’. A veritable club banger so good, that it isn’t even spoiled by a guest rap in the middle eight. In fact, said rap by a young gentleman called Dreamon, is actually quite enjoyable (possibly helped along by the saliva stirring synths in the background while he’s doing his thing). Fancy that! What we like most about the song though, is its repetitive and therefore hugely infectious vocal riff of “like a DJ, like a DJ” that plays out after each chorus. It’s that hook in particular that’s, well, hooked us.

You wouldn’t think that Yolanda Selini is a common name in pop music, but you’d be mistaken apparently. Yolanda was recently quick to point out on her blog that the Yolanda Selini who has popped up on the Avicii track ‘Don’t Give Up On Us’, isn’t in fact her. Just in case you’d wondered.

This IS her though, and it’s MUCH better than the Avicii track anyway!

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