Zara Larsson has this week put out a brand new song. Always a pleasure. This one is ‘She’s Not Me’ Pt2.

Listen to ‘Part 1’ here.

WELL. Part 2 actually ends up being even better. Not just a better song, but also a better sentiment – or at least a more preferable one. Whereas Part 1 was downtrodden and sad, Part 2 is bitter, angry, and coming out fighting. And we also get to hear a bit of attitude in her voice too. If you thought Zara sounded Rihanna-esque on ‘Uncover’, wait til you hear her vocal on this.

One of Swedish pop’s biggest success stories this year so far, Zara will spend the summer on TV. And it’ll be interesting to discover if her label put her forward for Melodifestivalen – or if they’ll want to see if they can make her last another year without participating.


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